Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jonah Complex

I am alive inside a monster,
The stomach of a dreaming whale
Whose body of earth and sky
Swallows the world and digests my days.

I can never die here, only dissolve.
Sinking deep into the beast's skin
I bleed from the grave and strean
Through a billion blossoming limbs.

My heels will kick and stomp the skin
Until I hear the beast's bones break.
I will slice at its starry span
And crawl out any open wound.

I will not be consumed like this,
These words ulcer the dirt and air
With light no darkness can submerge
And a mouth forever singing.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wishbone Ash - Ludwigsburg, GR (1989)

Wishbone Ash
Ludwigsburg, Germany
October 4, 1989

Disc 1
1) Real Guitars Have Wings
2) The King Will Come
3) In The Skin
4) Cosmic Jazz
5) Keeper Of The Light
6) Lost Cause In Paradise
7) Throw Down The Sword
8) Band Intros
9) Why Don't We?

Wishbone Ash Ludwigsburg 1989 Disc 1

Disc 2
1) Hole In My Heart
2) Living Proof
3) Blowin' Free
4) Blind Eye~Medley
5) Guitar Solo~Jail Bait
6) Rollin'

Wishbone Ash Ludwigsburg 1989 Disc 2

Wshbone Ash - Williamsville, NY (2006)

Wishbone Ash
Williamsville, NY
November 19, 2006

1) Eyes Wide Open (partial)
2) Healing Ground
3) The King Will Come
4) Sometime World
5) Warrior
6) Why Don't We?
7) Sorrel
8) Capture The Moment
9) Tales Of The Wise
10) Standing In The Rain
11) Living Proof
12) Blowin' Free

Wishbone Ash Williamsville 2006

Wishbone Ash - Offenbach, GR (1974)

Wishbone Ash
Offenbach, Germany
October 31, 1974

1) Don't Come Back
2) Silver Shoes
3) Lady Jay
4) The King Will Come
5) Warrior
6) Throw Down The Sword
7) Persephone
8) F.U.B.B.
9) Blowin' Free
10) Time Was

Wishbone Ash Offenbach 1974