Friday, April 9, 2010

I Bless

I bless my life and forgive its follies,
The feckless flights of fancy
That aspired to see the face of heaven
Until my wings melted like chocolate in the sun.
The gentle invasions that contended,
Like a drop of dew upon a web,
Against fears of a sudden plunge.
I bless my life and find grace in these things.

I will have the grace of starlit seas
And the kinetic composition of light on my body
Will give poetry to the speech of my heart.
I will have the grace of wild stallions
And the landslide of sound
Will exhort my spirit to forgive.

And when forgiveness comes at last
Like a loose garment or a robe of silk
That lightens my shoulders
And lands like a windy crown,
It will be for me and for you,
It will be for what I could never do,
And it will give me the strength to go on.

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