Monday, November 29, 2010


There needs to be a fundamental change in the way we govern our society. There is no concession from the corridors of power that the revelation of this material does, indeed, compromise their own self-interest, demonstrates the extent of modern government's failure to justly govern and advocate for its people, and the omission of this fact shows the extent of their moral and intellectual bankruptcy. The incessant games of brinkmanship that statesmen and legislators alike play with our security and personal freedoms benefits no one. It enriches those in power and creates a culture of court intrigue that serves no one. We must demand more of our leaders and depose, without violence, those who fail to do the bidding of the people. If this can never happen, then perhaps it is time for our best thinkers and average man alike to concede that we are neither truly free, truly informed, or well and truly served. We are cattle enslaved by a social structure lacking honesty and humanity.

Why is no one in power decrying the information revealed here AND talking about the potential dangers such revelations create? The administration has clearly failed the American people in the area of foreign policy. This is not a partisan judgment - it is a judgment formed from my understanding of our long-held American ideals. Perhaps they now exist as little more than chest-thumping propaganda, a Hollywood-spiked opiate for a gullible electorate. This whole embarrassing affair should spur a national discussion about the methods and ideology that truly underpin modern American foreign policy. It won't.

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