Thursday, December 23, 2010

Train Wreck

Skyrocketing train wrecks, avalanches of ash,
Boxy steel corpses sprawl across the land
And dredge up the earth with their slide.
Broken bodies stretch and simmer, gears clash,
Flowers of steam billow and expand
And the screams of the dead will not subside.

These clanging dinosaurs segment the nation,
Carve out cities from the plains
And spike the soil with their tracks.
Charging over iron arteries and past dusty stations,
The engines of America char the grain
And man is under attack.

They die with their machines and we do as well,
The flashing lights steep our brains in glitter
That sends us crashing into electric graves.
No matter how much we talk, we cannot quell
The cold shock that causes us to fret and fritter
Away our time in a nation no one can save.

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